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Can anyone hear me?

Haha I always seem to find communities after the rush, so to speak. Well, my name is Maggie and I have never read or written a Moulin Rouge fanfiction. So why am I here, do you ask? Well, I've read and written many fanfictions for the Lord of the Rings fandom, and absolutely love Moulin Rouge. And I'm considering writing fictions based around that love. And would like to dip my feet in the MR fanfiction community. So what better place to do it, right? ^_^

So, here I am! I love Audrey, and have a Satine layout on my livejournal (finally figured out what the buttons mean, haha). My favorite part of the movie is the "Your Song" sequence and whenever Audrey is onscreen (like 4 seconds, LOL). I'm really excited to read some MR fanfiction... are there any archive sites you recommend or authors? I am also excited to get to know you all and read your stuff!

Hoping there are still signs of life, ;)
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