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A Proposal

I would like to propose something to the writers in this community, it hopes of sparking some life into it.

Someone, once a week or on some kind of schedule, would post a screen cap or photo from the film of someone or more doing anything. The challenge would be then to write a brief account of what is happening in the photo, or a story to go along with it, that is completely irrelevant to what is actually happening in the film. A goal of 100 words seems to be the popular consensus in writing exercises such as these, but anyone is welcome to surpass that. Of course, the story must not break any rules of the world of Moulin Rouge. (For example, Christian can't all of a sudden have a wife living back in England, for we know he's unexperienced in love! But I'm sure you already know what I mean.)

Anyone up for it? If so, here's the first photo challenge:

Moulin Fiction Challenge 1
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