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Picture Writing Challenge

Moulin Rouge Photo Writing Contest 1

Title: Seduction
Author: white_siren/Erik’s Siren
Rating: PG
Words: 111
Warnings: None
Summary: Satine is trying very hard to seduce Christian who she still thinks is the Duke. First person.


For some reason the fool kept blabbing and I couldn’t keep his attention. He would turn away and say something about poetry. Did he mean dirty words? No, maybe he was trying to seduce me with real poetry. But, that was my job.

I had absolutely no clue what this damnable Duke wanted! When he turned his back, I laid down upon the bed and began to breathe heavily. Maybe this would help.

The Duke turned his attention back to me and said something concerning the sky and turned back around quickly when he saw me. I sighed heavily and sat up. This was going to be a long, tedious night.

The End.
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