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My Sweet Isabella

Hey - This is my first ever fanfic so if it's junk please tell me and I'll end the project right here and now. But I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and criticism.

Title: "My Sweet Isabella"
Author: Me :)
Feedback: This is my first fanfic, comments and criticism more than welcome!
Rating: PG (I'm not so sure with ratings - haha)
Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me; they all belong to Baz Luhrmann.
Summary: What if Satine never died? And Satine became pregnant with Christian's baby?


Satine paced back and forth around her room anxiously waiting for her lover to come. “He’s never been late before,” she thought to herself. “I’m always the late one. I hope he’s OK.” Just then the door opened. It was Christian. She smiled at him and he smiled back, while closing the door slowly and softly so nobody would hear him.
“I am so sorry that I’m late, Satine. Toulouse and I were going over some parts of the play,” he said taking off his coat and walking over to her. She was dressed in a beautiful, long, silk, red dress. They put their heads together and looked into each others eyes. Satine giggled and Christian smiled before kissing her. He then started laying small and delicate pecks on her neck. She closed her eyes and moaned.
No. No I can’t do this now. I need to tell him. She thought to herself.
“Christian,” she said in a very trembly voice. He stopped and looked at her.
“What’s wrong love?” he asked in a concerned voice.
She smiled at him and took his hands, leading him to her bed. They both sat down, facing each other. She had both of his warm soft hands in hers. A tear dripped down her face. His smile then changed to a frown. He pulled his hand out of hers and wiped the tear off her face. “Satine, are you all right?” he asked, even more concerned now.
“Christian. I-I-I’m pregnant.”
Christian’s eyes practically bulged out. His jaw dropped and his heart started beating extremely fast. He got up from the bed and started walking back and forth. Satine watched him with concern.
"Poor Christian. I wonder what he’s thinking. I wish he would speak to me. I really do. I’m so nervous – what if he doesn’t want the baby. Oh and there’s so much to think about. I’m a courtesan – I shouldn’t even be in love, and now I’m having a baby!" Satine’s thoughts were interrupted when Christian burst out in laughter.
Satine was even more worried now. She got up and put her hand on his shoulder.
“Darling, are you OK? Please talk to me,” she said.
He turned around and looked into her big, sparkly, blue eyes. He was over come with her beauty; her beautiful long red hair curling down her body and her unforgettable scent that made his insides jump whenever he inhaled it. He just wanted to bury his face in her hair and kiss her all over. He smiled.
“I never thought this would’ve happened,” he said. She started frowning thinking of the worst that could happen.
“But I couldn’t be happier!” he said, in a joyful tone. Satine looked up with a huge smile and he cupped his hands around her delicate head and pulled her over to him and started kissing her. They were so lost in each other that they didn’t even stop to talk about the situation more. Finally, Satine pulled away, remembering that it wouldn’t be that simple. She frowned.
“Don’t tell me that the baby isn’t mine,” he said with a big grin.
She hit him playfully. “Of course the baby is yours! Don’t worry about that, you’re definitely the father,” she said, smiling. “It’s not that – it’s that, you know, even though the Duke is gone, I’m still a courtesan. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with anyone but I did, Christian. With you. And now I’m having your baby! Do you know how much this is going to ruin our lives! I’ll be out of my job, we’ll have no money – I’m going to have to dedicate every minute of my life to this baby. And nobody is going to want to sleep with a woman that has a baby in the room crying every second.”
Christian frowned remembering how much pain he was in whenever Satine said she needed to leave. And he very well knew why she had to leave and where she was going. To please another man. It killed him to know that she was giving herself to other men who just wanted a good time. They didn’t love her. They didn’t deserve to be with her. He loved her and he needed her. Why was life so unfair?
“Satine. This is it. This baby is ours – the start of the rest of our lives together. You don’t need the Moulin Rouge anymore. You don’t need to be a courtesan anymore! The only thing you need is me! And I need you! And this baby needs both of us,” he said, holding onto both of her shoulders. He then let go and walked out onto the balcony looking up at the moon. “We can move somewhere far away from the Moulin Rouge, you always said you wanted to leave this place, and start our family there! I’ll become a famous writer and you could become a – a – an actress!”
“Honey, you know that wouldn’t work,” she said.
“Or we could stay here and I’ll start writing more plays with Toulouse. And we can perform in them and get our pay from the profits. There’s so many other options!” he said turning around to walk back to her but to his surprise, she was already behind him. She grabbed him and pinned him against the balcony railing, kissing him and running her hands through his hair. They stayed that way for a very long time – it seemed like the world had stopped and the only two people remaining were Satine and Christian. When they finally pulled apart. Christian was about to say something else when Satine put her finger to his lips.
“Shhh, my love. It’s going to be all right. Give me some time to think about it, OK?” she said.
He nodded with a sad look on his face.
She cupped one her hands around his face. It was coarse and prickly from him not shaving. She smiled and nuzzled his cheek.
“I’m happy about this baby, Christian. There’s no other man on this whole world that I’d rather have a baby with than you,” she said.
He smiled, “I love you Satine.”
“I love you too, darling,” she replied, kissing his bottom lip.
He grabbed her hand and they both ran back inside heading for her bed. Still kissing, now more passionately, they fell onto the bed. Satine stopped for a minute, and whispered in Christian’s ear, “I’ve decided. From this moment on, I am all yours.”
He smiled and sat up. His voice got high with excitement and she could see the sparkle in his eyes.
“You mean no more leaving in the middle of our little secret rendezvous to go please some other man? And no more hiding our love? Just you and me…” he said. Satine finished his sentence, “Forever and ever.”
He smiled and laughed, “This is amazing Satine! We’ll make this work and I promise you, a famous actress you will be. You have the talent, you do, and I…” She giggled and once again put her finger to his lips.
“Honey, we can plan out the rest of our lives tomorrow. But for now, I want and need you,” she said with a devilish look on her face. She pulled him down onto the bed and laid down on top of him, kissing him on his lips, his neck, and everywhere on his face. And then the two lovers disappeared under the soft blankets where they would stay for the rest of the night.

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