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Title: come what may part 1
Author: softershade
Feedback: of course!
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine they belong to baz
Archive: and my journal...
Summary: ever wondered what happened between christian and satine in those months that were not included in the movie? that is what this series is based upon

As Satine lay there next to Christian, quiet and motionless, she began to remember all the times where she had been in this very same position. There had always been men who claimed they loved her, they probably did love her but she didn’t feel the same, she couldn’t. But Christian was different, he seemed to truly be in love with her and she was in love with him. She knew this couldn’t last forever, Harold would find out sooner or later, but she could care less. Suddenly Christian began to wake up, Satine quickly shut her eyes and pretended to be fast asleep.
“Satine,” Christian whispered gently nudging her. “Satine, I know your awake you don’t have to pretend.”
Satine slowly opened her eyes pretending to still be drowsy. She didn’t know why she was still pretending when Christian already knew what she had been doing. “I’m awake.” she said.
“What’s on your mind cherub?”
Satine was confused. No one except for Harold called her by cherub or any other nickname like that. She paid no attention assuming it was only a coincidence.
“Nothing, I just couldn’t sleep.”
Christian knew better. He knew there was something on her mind, but he didn’t want to drag it out of her.
“Oh, alright. You should try and get some more rest, you have a big day ahead of you. Opening night is quickly approaching.”
“Yes, I know and you’re right, I need to get some more rest.”
Christian kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear their sweet love song.
“Come what may…”
Satine began to softly sing along with her eyes shut
“I will love you until my dying day.”

The next morning Christian awoke alone in his bed. Where had Satine gone? He quickly got up and began getting dressed. He climbed half way up the ladder that lead up to Toulouse’s apartment. No one was there. Had he really slept in that late? He began to rush down to the Moulin Rouge. He opened the doors to the main dance hall and there was everyone. Satine rushed up to Christian.
“Where have you been? We began an hour ago!”
Satine’s face looked full of frustration. Christian began to look around, everyone was staring at him, including the duke.
“I’m terribly sorry Mademoiselle Satine, it seems I slept in late.”
“That’s quite alright. If you don’t mind I need to talk to you for a moment,” she paused a moment to look back at Harold and the duke. “alone.”
She began to walk Christian as far away from the crowd as she could. She began to whisper to Christian her apologies.
“I’m so sorry that I forgot to wake you up before I left. I was in such a hurry I forgot practically everything.”
“It’s alright I understand completely how important your work is to you.”
Satine let out a sigh of relief.
“I knew you would understand.”
They both walked back towards the crowd. The duke approached Satine and quickly shoved Christian out of the way. He began telling her about the plans he had made for a romantic dinner together, but Satine didn’t care about that. She didn’t care about the duke. She knew this was dangerous and that if he found out about her and Christian the Moulin Rouge would be shut down because the duke held the deeds to the Moulin Rouge.
“Doesn’t that sound lovely my sweet?”
“Of course it does.” said Satine even though she didn’t even hear what all the duke had said.
“How about eight-o-clock? Is that an appropriate time?”
“Yes, eight is fine. Excuse me dear duke I’m not feeling well I think I need to go rest a little.” said Satine quickly turning her back to the duke. For some reason she had no intention on going to her room instead she went to Christian’s apartment. She would go there and wait for Christian’s return.

i hope everyone liked it. i should be posting more soon
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